About two- thirds of high school students enroll in college, but only half of them go on to earn a college degree, impacting their economic mobility & career growth opportunities. Research has proven that youth and millennials from underserved communities are less likely to hold higher-level degrees. And in the Latinx communities, at all levels of postsecondary education, Latinx were underrepresented despite the growth in population in the US and growth in college enrollment. We discovered that two of the most important causes for so many non-starters and dropouts are academic difficulty and lack of clarity on career pathways. Students from racial minority backgrounds experience a lack of resources, learning opportunities, mindset limitations, and methods to succeed in learning, in college, and in vocational pathways.

Students do not believe in their capabilities and don’t have the starting skills and knowledge to succeed in an academic setting and in the workforce.

What this means in practice is some combination of these factors:

  • Students from underserved communities have negative views of their intelligence and their potential
  • They don’t have the community resources or family support to achieve their academic and career goals
  • Students struggle with identifying their natural gifts and talents and how they connect to the world of work
  • Students don’t know the formal requirements to enroll and succeed in a 4-year institution
  • Students often make career decisions based on what was recommended and available not on their strengths and abilities
  • Students lack exposure to career options

To help students overcome these 5 barriers, we developed high-quality opportunity college and career programs to ensure students develop the necessary skills to advance in academia, career, and in life.

Our programs focus on:

  • Promoting the value of post-secondary education, educating students on school subjects and how it’s relevant to the real world.
  • Provide skills and knowledge to college preparation milestones and assisting students with degree/ major selection
  • Exploring personal soft skills and transferable skills and discover how students’ talents connect to their future college and career endeavors
  • Enhance their leadership skills, pivoting their mindset, and instilling self-advocacy skills
  • Foster a positive outlook in learning and failure experiences
  • Provide study skills and methods to succeed in college
  • Educating students on important lifestyle habits for their cognitive function and academic achievement outcomes
  • Provide career coaching training and prepare students for the workforce and assist students with career selection

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